Longfinned Eel – The longfinned eel is Australia’s largest eel and an apex predator in freshwater rivers, creeks and dams along the East Coast of Australia.  Growing to  lengths of 1.6m (22kg) for females and 65cm (0.6kg) for males.  The longfinned eel is identifiable by its long cylindrical body with dorsal, tail and anal fins that join to form one “longfin”.  The eels are usually brown, olive and green in colour with dark spots a pale white underbelly.  They are known to make long breeding migrations into the pacific ocean to spawning grounds near New Caledonia.

Often ignored, they are surprisingly hard fighters on the fly rod and provide some excellent sight fishing opportunities, particularly in shallow water.  Subsurface patterns are the most effective, with the Bass Vampire and Surf Candy the go to flies.  Fluorocarbon leaders and strip striking is essential as these behemoths possess hard rough mouths.

DSC0267621 Nov 2014

Fly caught Longfinned Eel