10257499_753751864657265_4893673440228550360_oFitting enough gear into a backpack for a six month journey is difficult.  By the time you pack the tent, sleeping bag and stove, and throw in some clothes, there isn’t much room left for fly gear.

Fly fishing so many different places over 6 months out of one backpack worth of gear posed quite a few selection issues.  Ideally, I would have liked to have taken 5 fly rods but ultimately that had to be cut down to 3.  These ended up being a 9wt TFO TiCRx, a Sage Bass Bluegill 230gr, and a 6wt Sage Flight.

The 9wt should handle all the saltwater as well as the big rivers and salmon of Alaska.  The Sage Bass rod was taken to cover all the warm water fishing and also as a back up for any salmon available on the surface.  Hopefully it gets bent by a few Silvers at the last frontier.  The 6wt rod will cover all the trout fishing and any light warm water opportunities.

Unlucky to miss out was the 4wt which would have been unreal to have on the small trout streams in the North West and for targeting grayling in Alaska, however the 6wt will manage.

A couple of sets of poly leaders will help get the flies to the fish.  Tippets are all fluorocarbon and are 3lb, 6lb, 8lb, 20lb, 40lb and 32b wire.

I have packed a stripping basket, waders and boots, but could not fit a net.  This may prove to be a problem but hopefully not often.  I have deliberately not taken any flies so I can stop in at plenty of fly shops and pick up some the local patterns as well as the good oil.

Time to hit the road


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